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September 30, 1940 Life Magazine

Date: 9-30-1940 Life Magazine

Condition: Very Good

Cover: Wendell Willkie received much attention since September 13th.

He has appeared at railroad sidings, city streets, sports arenas in Illinois,

Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona and Texas. His words 

were appraised by hundred of commentators and critics, his gestures 

recorded by hundreds of cameras. For a report on Wendell Willkie words

and campaign doings turn to page 75.


Speaking of Pictures: Napoleon Also Tried to Invade England

From LIFE's Correspondents

America Answers Hitler with Conscription

LIFE on the Newsfronts of the World

King, Queen and Prime Minister Pose After Bombing

LIFE's Correspondents Report on a London Bombing

Birmingham, AL Celebrates Defense Day

Dodger Fan, Angered by Defeat, Pummels Umpire

British War Humor Lampoons Britons and Germans

Masculine Togs Invade the Campus

Movies: Lombard and Laughton View Their New Film

Leakproof Gas Tank Reduces Hazard of Fire in Combat Flying

Japanese Propaganda Posters Burgeon in Conquered China

John Barrymore Sets His Profile in Cement

Edward Laning Paints Murals for the New York Library

The French Evacuate France

Willkie Begins His Campaign

Murder Inc.

LIFE's Pictures: An Index

LIFE Goes to a Mass Debut in Raleigh, N.C.


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