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September 25, 1939 Life Magazine

Date: 9-25-1939 Life Magazine

Condition: Very Good

Cover: Britain's Ironside's -Special Issue -The World War 

The tough Englishman on the cover is Britain's Chief 

Imperial Defense Staff. His job is to draft the best possible 

plan to use Britain's army to win the war.


Letters to the Editors

Speaking of Pictures: German War Memorials

German Bombers Rain Death and Destruction on Warsaw

LIFE on the Newsfronts of the World

FORTUNE Poll Shows American Reaction to War

War in Europe Affects All Nations

The Theatre of War: a Pin Map

Grand Strategy: Germany and the Allies Feel for Openings

Sea Power: the Battleship and the Destroyer

Who's Who in the War World

New Methods of Attack in the War of Position on the Western Front

Adolf Hitler

Bombers: the Artillery of the Air Gets a Chance to Prove Itself

Birds of Prey Play Vital Part in Unceasing War of Nature

The Blockade of Germany: Allies Lay Siege By Sea to the German Economic Fortress

The British Empire: Its Unbroken Record of Battle and Conquest Has Carried English Democracy and Justice to the World's Four Corners

The German People: Out of the Last War's Defeat and Chaos They Have Rebuilt a Nation That Wants to Dominate Europe

Neutrality: Americans Hate Hitler But Remember the Last War

Propaganda Is the Enemy of American Neutrality

War Materials: A Dictionary of Modern Warfare

LIFE Goes to a Veterans Hospital


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