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September 12, 1938 Life Magazine

Date: 9-12-1938 Life Magazine

Condition: Very Good

Cover: Hungarian Guard

Contents: Hitler and Horthy. Full page fashion ad for Herald of Fashion. Letters and photos to the editor pertaining to the "Hair-up" hair style, right and wrong. Mechanized British Dragoon kisses his horse goodbye, a photo of a literal kiss. "$30 every Thursday" causes California upset, a new pension plan. Purge fails in South Carolina as Red Shirts ride again, this is a story about an election, White Supremacy, Senatory Ellison DuRant Smith "Cotton Ed." Photo of a Ku Klux Klan cross burning in Lakeland, Florida. A rodeo in Nebraska, includes Sammy Stuart, Bill Harvey, Carl Dykes. A Panay hero gets a medal, Arthur Ferdinand Anders. Hilda the Elephant falls into 25 foot moat at Brooklyn Zoo. Photo of Great Dane dogs at the beach, but they are labeled Dalmatians. Gorgeous full color, full page International Truck ad with five different truck. John Roosevelt goes to work in Filene's basement. Photo essay - Hungary. The three Lane sisters. Movie - "Four Daughters". Test match sets new Cricket record. Golfer Charles Yates of Atlanta. British Half-miler Sydney Wooderson sets world record running record. Polaroid - how it makes light behave. How to do the Lambeth walk, a dance, demonstrated by Mrs. Sherman Jenney and Prince Serge Obolensky. A party with Banker Gibson at North Conway, New Hampshire. 

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