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October 4, 1937 Life Magazine

Date: 10-4-1937 Life Magazine

Condition: Very Good

Cover: American Legion

Contents: Very large American Legion feature. New York Parade. Legion biography - 1919-1937. A typhoon wrecks Hong Kong, photos of many wrecked ships including S.S. An Lee, Van Heutsz, Asama Maru, Tymeric, Hong Peng, Talamba. Union Pacific Railroad gets new president. Pneumonia vaccine administered to the CCC. Roebling amphibian for storm rescues. Movie - Victoria the Great. Sport - the three Di Maggios make good, Joe DiMaggio, Vincent DiMaggio, and Dominick DiMaggio baseball players. 3,000 antlers hang in Connaught's lodge. Very nice Hires Root beer ad with hikers - full page. Humorous (from today's point of view) full page Phoenix Mutual ad "Retire at 55 on $200 a month." Interesting full page Listerine ad for the treatment of dandruff, Pityrosporum ovale. Very neat bunch of photos of the various uses (safe and dangerous) hobos (dingbats) find for different railroad cars, Dan O'Brien, King of the Hobos - includes the most gruesome photo of Ray McArthur who was cut in two beneath a train. Photo of Mrs. Caroline King, widow of 1812 veteran. Feature - Wallace Ramseyer, legionnaire. Lovely two page color 1938 Packard ad with blue Six and red Eight. Rather astounding photo of Airplane ready to crash over Scarborough Castle, pilot E. G. Hilton and Owner Sherren both died. Photo of Ku Klux Klan in First Methodist Protestant Church of Washington. Paul Draper dances in Manhattan. Chattanooga Cotton Ball, with William Lockhart Clayton and more. Cute photos of baby William Donald Mason and a jar of jam. 

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