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October 27, 1941 Life Magazine

Date: 10-27-1941 Life Magazine

Condition: Very Good

Cover: Air-Raid Spotter


Speaking of Pictures: Edgerton's High–Speed Photography

LIFE's Reports: French Boys Escape from France by Canoe

Muscovites Take Up Their Guns As Nazi Horde Approaches Russian Capital

Aerial Paths of Bombers Are Plotted on Giant Map during Air–Raid Test

Chill of Crisis Comes to Nation's Capital

A. F. of L. Ditches a Racketeer But Cannot Ditch Its Critics

Blocked Kick Wins Game for Syracuse

Georgia Students "Burn" Their Governor to Protest Academic Meddling

Mexican Prisons Allow Conjugal Visits in Jail

Why Can't Americans Believe In America? By Raymond Clapper

Modern Living: The Strange Collection of Lawyer Max D. Steuer

A Good Soldier: Bill Brady Is an Infantryman in the Famous First Division

Art: California Painters: Their Land Lends Grandeur to Their Work

War Shortage Revives Herb Industry in Great Smoky Mountains

Movies: "All That Money Can Buy"

Photographic Essay: New York Campaign: City's Able Mayor Seeks Third Term

Close–Up: Bob Hope, by Alva Johnston

LIFE Goes to a Sorority Rush Week in Atlanta, Ga.

Barrage Balloons Protect U. S. Ships at Terminus of Suez Canal

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