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October 2, 1939 Life Magazine

Date: 10-2-1939 Life Magazine

Condition: Very Good

Cover: Cordell Hull as Secretary of State in a World War, gives 

support to President Roosevelt's fight to obtain revision to the

Neutrality Act.


Letters to the Editors

Speaking of Pictures: This Is the First Conquest of Warsaw by Germans

Tidal Wave of Anti–War Letters Hits Congress

LIFE on the Newsfronts of the World

Ex–Kaiser Tweaks His Grandson's Nose

War in the Air: Newsreel Camera Records a German Bombing Flight in Poland

War on Land and Sea: Mechanized Columns Overrun Poland

War by Propaganda: German Picture of a "Polish Artocity"

A New Kind of War: The German Campaign in Poland

War Behind the Lines: The English Take the War in Their Stride

War by Submarine: Trade Destruction Has Been Steady but not Savage

Patricia Mary Douncily of Detroit Becomes Miss America

"The Real Glory"

Brenda Joyce Becomes Star in "The Rains Came"

The Szar: Half a Million Men Are Fighting Among its Factories and Forests

College Girls Adapt Styles to Strange Uses

Dopester Dunkel Selects the Best Football Teams of 1939

The Hudson River: Autumn Peace Broods Over America's Rhine

Joseph Stalin: Hitler's New Friend Is Sized Up by an Old Foe

LIFE Goes to Camp Illumination at West Point

Pictures to the Editors


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