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October 18, 1937 Life Magazine

Date: 10-18-1937 Life Magazine

Condition: Very Good

Cover: Veil Craze

Contents: Veils today and tonight (Janet MacLeod) by Alfred Eisenstaedt. Full page Diamond Tires ad, even before they had traffic lights. A funny series of photos showing how movie directors demo acting for the actors. Full page Goodrich rubber ad with backyard Polo, which looks like croquet. Roosevelt makes foreign policy. Bishops in Cincinnati. The President's album. $400,000,000 fur year, includes horrible photo of piled white fox pelts with heads still attached. Golfer John Montague, turns out to be fugitive La Verne Moore. Aerial view of Yankee baseball stadium. The Episcopal Church 1529-1937. John L Lewis Jr. goes to Princeton. Justice Black and cigarettes. Romans in Ethiopia - photo essay. Veils in Manhattan - photo essay. Brain Waves. Life of Charles F. Kettering, Part 1. John McCrady paints Oxford, Mississippi. Brooklyn museum cleans painting - Garden Scene by Pieter de Hooch removing later additions. How to watch football. Brain waves, especially of mental cases, includes Allen Davis, Dr. Hallowell Davis. Viceroy throws a spear. It stops raining in Ethiopia and Italy goes back to work. Movie doubles, including Eugene de Verdi for Charlie Chaplin. Parties at Maisonette Russe and El Morocco in New York. The Yacht Endeavour I is lost at sea in a storm and found again, the second time! Nice Aerial photos of Sydney, Australia, the famous Sydney bridge is already in place. Nice full page Belle-Sharmeer stockings ad with art by Shriver. 

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