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November 6, 1939 Life Magazine

Date: 11-6-1939 Life Magazine

Condition: Very Good

Cover: English Air Defense Planes fly over England in pursuit of attacking

German bombers.


Letters to the Editors

Speaking of Pictures: Largest Astronomical Camera Photographs Nebulae

Earl Browder Goes to Jail as Dies Committee Hunts Reds

LIFE on the Newsfronts of the World

Hoover Dines on Hors Doves of Peace and Europe in the Soup

California Battles over "Ham & Eggs"; Alexander Brook Wins Carnegie Prize

Hitler's Girl Takes His Picture

German and English Artists Disagree as to How the "Courageous" Sank

British Play at Surprise Air–Raid Game

How the German Liner "Bremen" Escaped British Fleet

Turkey Bestrides the Dardanelles

Babes in Arms: Mickey Rooney Looms as No. 1 Star

Red Blazes in Fall Accessories

X–Ray Looks Inside a Woman's Handbag

Louis Eilshemius: Fame Comes Too Late to Great Eccentric

War Ties Two Biggest Liners Up in New York

Autumn on the Farm: Year's Best Season Brings Harvest and Leisure to Indiana Family

Walter Millis Believes 1939 America Will Not Repeat 1914 Mistakes

The Panama Canal: the Army Looks to its Wartime Defense

LIFE Goes to a Football Game to Watch Tennessee Trounce Alabama


Congress playing cards

Camel cigarettes

Schwinn bicycles

Golden Wedding Whiskey

Oldsmobile Automobiles

Prestone Antifreeze

DeSoto Automobile

International trucks

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