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November 20, 1939 Life Magazine

Date: 11-20-1939 Life Magazine

Condition: Very Good

Cover: German Raider "Deutschland" carries out raids in the Pacific

It is the number one enemy of the British Royal Fleet with 11 inch guns,

4 inch armor and travels 26 knots.


Speaking of Pictures: Stroboscopic Lights Make Action Stand Still

Neutrality Act Costs 6,000 Seamen Jets and Shipowners Try a Dodge

LIFE on the Newsfronts of the World

Daguerreotype of John Quincy Adams Recalls He Played in U.S. Neutrality of 1807

The Netherlands Starts to Drown Itself in Order to Stay Neutral

New Employees Swell Payrolls as War Becomes Aircraft Industry

Soviet Embassy's Party Flops; Governor Olson Tours San Quentin: First Lady Gives Fashion Review

Nazi Bombers Reach Scottish Coast After Uphill Flight Against Wind and Weather

Young Republicans Put On New Deal Satire Ball

U.S. Freighter Saves 300 From Two British Ships

Alfred Hitchcock

"Nimotcha": Garbo Laughs

Wood Expedition Maps Rugged Yukon Terretory

Art Book Boom: Selections From "A Treasury of Art Masterpieces"

"Margin for Error" Is Anti–Nazi Melodrama Garnished With Gags

Haushefer, Philosopher of Nazism, Formulates German War Aims

Grandpa's Red Flannels Start Vogue in Women's Pants

Tommi Parzinger Introduces New Silver Designs

The British Navy: It Has Borne the Brunt of War

Sir Dudley Pound, First Sea Lord

Bill Stern Picks 1939 All–America Team

LIFE Goes to a Turkey Dinner in Thanksgiving Rehearsal


Chevrolet Automobiles

Wear-Ever Aluminum cookwear

Pontiac Automobiles

"Rulers of the Sea" with Douglas Fairbanks

Cavalier Cedar Chests

Quaker State Motor Oil

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