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November 18, 1940 Life Magazine

Date: 11-18-1940 Life Magazine

Condition: Very Good

Cover: Franklin Delano Roosevelt's face on this cover is 

one that Americans cherish and admire. Though in the 

past eight years it has been one that has photographed 

from every angle and every distance, it remains one of the

most interesting and expressive faces to appear before

news cameras. See LIFE photographer Thomas McAvoy's

pictures on pages 25 to 27.


From LIFE's Correspondents

Speaking of Pictures: Table–Top Photographs

LIFE's Pictures: an Index

Franklin Roosevelt Wins Another Chance to Be Great Leader of United People

Raymond Clapper Analyzes National Unity

Wendell Willkie Remains a Potent Leader

Winners in Nip–&–Tuck Races for Governorships and Congress

The Republican Party's Future, by Kenneth Simpson

LIFE on the Newsfronts of the World

The Emperor of Japan Reviews His Fleet

Tacoma Bridge Crashes in Puget Sound

Deaf–Blind Children Learn to "See and Hear"

Theater: "Charley's Aunt"

Johnson Rifle Stirs Up Military Squabble

All  American Fashions

Ducks and Geese Thrive and Increase

Science: Radium

Movies: "Arizona"

Churchhill, England: LIFE Visits an English Village

William Saroyan

Italian Bombers Menace Art of Ancient Athens

LIFE Goes to a Lifeguard's Party

New York Stores Start Fad for Navy Styles


Forstmann Woolens

1941 Plymouth

1941 Chevrolet

Owens Illinois Glass

Green Giant Niblets Corn

Havana White Owl Cigars

United States Rubber Company

Lord and Lady Elgin Watches

Log Cabin Syrup

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