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November 15, 1937 Life Magazine

Date: 11-15-1937 Life Magazine

Condition: Very Good

Cover: Waiting for Wallis

Contents: Yorktown aircraft carrier, a big ship. Ships and planes swell navy's budget, neat photos of first "Flying Dreadnaught" a huge Sikorsky bomber plane. National Horse Show and Excelsior Springs Mulesta mule show. Twentieth Century Fox drama school, including Mary Frances Gifford, Marjorie Weaver, Dixie Dunbar, Arlene Whalen and others.. Artist Paul Sample. Bedauxes host the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. Josef Hofmann, Pianist. Society girls show legs. Joe Louis at Dude ranch, Murray's Overall Dud Ranch, restricted to Negroes. Old cars seen on screen. Sculptor Jacob Epstein. American housing, with George Bradford family in Washington and Greenbelt. Rich Mrs. Bates lives in squalid basement on relief in New York City. Midland Michigan leads the way in private housing. Field hockey - Rosemary vs. Low-Heywood. Endless rails (welded) end track noise. Full page Bell & Howell movie camera ad with little girl on sled. Lovely full page color Toastmaster Toaster ad with Christmas theme. University of Southern California shows Cheering section pictures in stadium. Nice full page Bell Telephone and Western Electric ad showing repair man. Movie "It's Love I'm After" with Leslie Howard and Bette Davis. Toy "China Clipper" airplane for Christmas.

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