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May 27, 1940 Life Magazine

Date: 5-27-1940 Life Magazine

Condition: Very Good

Cover: More than a man is the German Soldier on the cover.

Whatever his pleasant and kindly relations with relatives and 

friends, he is now a component of a mighty instrument of war, 

the 1940 German Army, which is capable of changing the 

political and physical face of the world. To the democracies, 

he represents, with his handy Mauser rifle and his flat domed 

steel helmet, pure disaster. For a soldier is something more

and something less of a man. His will is totally subordinated

to the total hitting power of an army unit.


From LIFE's Correspondents

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The Week's Events: Washington's Spiritualists Fail to Agree on Who Will Be President

Yellow Fever Control: U.S. Health Service Watches Miami Clipper Port

Movies: "Our Town"

 Good Manners for Caddies Are Outlined by P.G.A.'s New Charts of Etiquette

Cranbrook – LIFE Exhibition Presents 60 Paintings by Living Americans

George M. Cohan Revives Favorite Role in "Return of the Vagabond"

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King Victor Emmanuel of Italy by Frederic Sondern Jr.

LIFE Goes to a Sports Marathon

Rainbow Room's Young Revuers Put Their Satirical Humor on the Air


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