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May 13, 1940 Life Magazine

Date: 5-13-1940 Life Magazine

Condition: Very Good

Cover: Shawl again is a revival of an age-old fashion.Originally 

intended to cover the shoulders, the shawl is making a come back.

Draped over the  decorative blonde head of Ernette Mueseler, is a

square of pale blue silk with a printed pattern of 35 soft colors. The

design is an exact reproduction of a floral piece of a 14th century 

Dutch painter Van Staensdonck. For more shawls see page 64.


Speaking of Pictures: Nazi War Film Cowed Neutrals

The War in Scandinavia: Blitzkrieg Machines Give Germans Victory Over Allies in Norway

The War in Scandinavia: Norway's King Haakon Runs for His Life

The War in Scandinavia: Trondheim: German's Key Base That British Could Not Take

The War in Scandinavia: A "Fifth Column" Nazi in Norway; Daisy Harriman Outruns Bombs

The War in Scandinavia: "Gloworm" Survivors Ride Waves of North Sea

 Life on the Newsfronts of the World

German Coal Rolls Into Italy

"Ile de France" Sails Carrying Planes for Allies

Douglas Freeman Uses Civil War to Clarify War News from Europe

"There Shall Be No Night"

Movies: "My Favorite Wife"

Exercise Study at Minnesota University

Shawls, the Newest Accessory Gag

Seabiscuit Becomes the Father of Five

New Mexico: America's Southwest Celebrates Its Antiquity

How a Night Club in Chicago Is Run on a $30,000 Monthly Gross

The Men of Sweden

Wendell Willkie

New York World's Fair Is Ready to Reopen

Life Calls on Billy Rose & Wife

John Carroll's "Pinky" Dominates Detroit Art Exhibition


Oldsmobile Automobiles

Goodrich Silvertown Tires

Spenser Tracy as "Edison the Man" Movie

Libby's Fruit Juices

Chesterfeild Cigaettes

Spalding Golf Clubs

Budweiser Beer

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