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March 31, 1941 Life Magazine

Date: 3-31-1941 Life Magazine

Condition: Very Good

Cover: World's Best- U.S. Navy's New Dive Bomber


LIFE's Reports: War–Weary Spain

Speaking of Pictures: Grasshopper War

British Turn Tables on Nazis With Sudden Raid on Lofoten Islands

President of Hercules Powder Co. Slides Down Chute at Plant Opening

Seven Glamor Girls and Clown Wind Up Successful Opera Season

Waning Winter Sends Cold Wave Over Northern U. S.

Shriners Turn Washington, D.C. into Bagdad for a Night

Five Are Killed as Saboteurs Wreck Train near Pittsburgh

British Freighter Limps Into N.Y. After U–Boat Attack on Convoy

Other Departments: People

Movies: Marjorie Woodworth Is Groomed to Fill Harlow's Shoes

Aircraft Carriers May Be Decisive Factor in Naval Combat

Navy Wives Share Lonely Life

Mushrooming Defense Plants Change Industrial Face of Nation

U. S. Trains Workers for Defense Plants

Art: University of Wisconsin Exhibits Rural Art

Books: "The White Cliffs" by Alice Duer Miller

Photographic Essay: Chungking: Free China's Much–Bombed Capital Fights On

Science: Catholic Nuns Turn Florida Beach Club into Marine Life Laboratory

Close–Up: William S. Knudsen, by Hubert Kay

Theater: The "Claudia" Boom Hits Broadway

Sports: Darts

LIFE Goes to a Kids' Party in Kenilworth, Ill.

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