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March 28, 1938 Life Magazine

Date: 3-28-1938 Life Magazine

Condition: Very Good

Cover: German Bugler

Contents: Nice full page color Pullman ad featuring the Single Occupancy Section. Attractive full page Southern Pacific railroad ad with very modern looking passenger train. Hitler takes Austria - several features. Music and lyrics for short song saying how Hitler will soon win. In full color, the fancy window displays at Bergdorf Goodman. New War in Spain - several features. Abraham Lincoln brigade. Very nice full page color De Soto car ad with red four door, tree house and farm, Ripley. Happy El Caudillo Franco and his womenfolk. Torpedo explodes cruiser Baleares. Lightning made to order - photo essay. Unwed mothers, St. Faith's House in Tarrytown, New York - photo essay. Stagecraft on Fifth Avenue - Lord and Taylor's. Smith Girls swim the Accordion, water ballet. "Jezebel" is the movie of the week. Making lightning at General Electric. King George of England and boxers. Nazis sing Horst Wessel song. A Party with the sweetheart of Sigma Chi, Judy Garland. Humorous photos from a tobacco spitting contest in Glasgow, Kentucky. Very nice full page color Ten High whiskey ad with art of cowboy in carriage. Full page color Camel cigarettes ad with Wilbur Shaw, race car driver.

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