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June 20, 1938 Life Magazine

Date: 6-20-1938 Life Magazine

Condition: Very Good

Cover: Rudolph Valentino

Contents: Bombing of Canton. Socialist Norman Thomas. President's son with Fiancee, John Roosevelt and Anne Lindsay Clark. First pictures ever taken on the floor during a session of the US Senate, also behind the scenes at the Senate. Still camera photos capture the first telecast of a Broadway show. World's Large Transoceanic plane is tested at Seattle. Look back to first nonstop transatlantic flight, Capt. John Alcock, Lieut. Arthur Brown. Smallest man - two page life size photo of Paul Del Rio. Herd of 50 sea otters is good news for species believed to be nearly extinct. Amazing photo essay on the Belgian Congo - giants, pygmies, customs, ceremonies, animals and more - gruesome coming-of-age rituals. Valentino's lure still appeals, his death in 1926 brought 50,000 to the funeral church. Some still photos from great "old" films that still draw crowds, like The Count of Monte Cristo, King Kong, all Quiet on the Western Front, Birth of a Nation. F. Molina Campos. Boston's Boy boxers. Mike Jacobs - boxing promoter. Juvenile Ball for the Blosson Festival in St. Joseph, Michigan, Jane Ellet, Tamara Van Buskirk, Bud Princess Betty Wilson with Escort Charles Pierce. Nice full page color Hiram Walkers whiskey ad inside back cover with art by Floyd Davis - there are many other Hiram's ads by Davis in this time period. Full page Camel cigarettes ad with Olive Tucker.

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