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January 29, 1940 Life Magazine

Date: 1-29-1940 Life Magazine

Condition: Very Good

Cover: Starlet Lana Turner is always willing to pose for

cameramen. LIFE's photographer Peter Stackpole took

this picture on the steps of Sunset Plaza apartments

where Lana lived. To get the pose just right, Stackpole 

made Lana walk down the steps eight times. She did 

not mind, but the pooch was exhausted.


Speaking of Pictures: A New Portrait of the Moon

 Long Machine Is Crippled in Louisiana Primaries After 12–Year Rule

LIFE on the Newsfronts of the World

Argentine Ambassador Opens Good–Neighbor Art Show at Richmond, Va.

War's First Christmas Brings Men in Uniforms Back to London's Night Spots

Earthquake in Turkey Buries 50,000 in Debris

Hero of British Submarine 65 Finishes a Great Trip

"Flying Alligators" Initiate New Members at Orlando, Fla.

G–Men Arrest 17 Men for Plotting Revolution

Thurbor Reports His Play, "The Male Animal," with Cartoons

Movies: "The Fighting 69th"

Starlets Are World's Most Envied Girls

The Kremlin: Within Its Secret Chambers Stalin Runs Finnish War

Pillar of Fire Dry Legion Acts Out Evils of Liquor in Brooklyn Pulpit

Old Art of Rug Hooking Revived

Chessmen Are Among World's Art Masterpieces

Yale Chess Team Wins Belden–Stephens Trophy

 War in Winter: LIFE's Photo–Reporter Photographs the Russo–Finnish War

Paul McNull:"It Would be Kind of Nice to be President, Wouldn't It!"

LIFE Calls on Vinconl Astor in Bermuda


Plymouth Automobiles

Chevrolet Automobile

Paul Jones Whiskey

The March of Time


Pall Mall Cigarettes


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