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January 22, 1940 Life Magazine

Date: 1-22-1940 Life Magazine

Condition: Very Good

Cover: Dutch East Indian children are subjects of Queen 

Wilhelmina of The Netherlands. In the little village of Bederlu

the children dress up and dance just as American children 

play hide-and-seek. The boy is 6 years old and the others

range from 4 to 7. For more on the Dutch East Indies see page 54. 


Letters to the Editors

Speaking of Pictures: How Venice, Calif., Sells Itself

Finns Prove Themselves Best Winter Soldiers in the World

LIFE on the Newsfronts of the World

Washington's Young "Polio" Victims Receive Mrs. Roosevelt

Hull Upholds Trade Act Before House Committee

Roosevelt and Garner Put on Comedy Act at Jackson Day Dinner

 New Commander in Chief Takes Over U.S. Fleet

New Waterways Carry Russo–German Trade

Movie: "The Grapes of Wrath"

Pockets For No Purpose Are Fashion's Newest Decoration

Winter Vacation Map: Snow Country and Sun Country

Wisconsin Farm School Trains Rural Leaders


The Hepburns of Hartford

The Dutch East Indies: Its Vast Riches Tempt Japan

Captain de Grineau Sketches British Troops in France

LIFE Goes to a Swimming Party


Kool Cigarettes

Studebaker Automobiles


Chevrolet Automobiles

RCA Victrola

1874 Rogers Bros. Silverplate

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