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February 6, 1939 Life Magazine

Date: 2-6-1939 Life Magazine

Condition: Very Good - Collector Grade

Cover: Peruke (Wig) Hairstyle

Contents: Half page Pepsodent tooth powder ad, with Irium. Illustrations from Japanese children's book about war, kewpies, babies, and other cute "soldiers." Ten heroes emerge from the crash of the "Cavalier,"  photos of survivors. Traitorous Argentine Major goes to Tierra del Fuego Prison. Errol Flynn and Roosevelt horse get silver cup. England encourages new mothers to get ruby or sapphire rings when children are born in hopes of encouraging population growth. The Irish and the unemployed make trouble for old England. Wyoming girls chase Wyoming boys on Sadie Hawkins day. Full page color DeSoto ad with Walt Disney lounging on the lawn in front of his car. Full page color Lane cedar chest ad with Valentine's Day theme. An American plane goes ten miles a minute - Curtiss-Wright Hawk 75A. Germans secretly fight for a free Germany. Gertrude Lawrence helps open a new Life house in suburban Pittsburgh. Gilbert and Sullivan and more launch a promising Broadway season, color photos from the stage. Photo essay - America gambles. Nature's senator - Arthur Hendrick Vandenberg. Gambling in America, card cheating. Sporting prints from the early 19th century, includes John Leech, Aston Bragg. Mary Shepard swims for the camera. Japanese war postcards. On shore leave with the US Fleet in Panama. 

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