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February 5, 1940 Life Magazine

Date: 2-5-1940 Life Magazine

Condition: Very Good

Cover: Swedish Army Pilots helped the Finns bomb invading

Russian columns, bomb the Russian Naval base of Kronstadt

and shoot down six Russian planes. These men are the spearhead 

of worldwide reinforcements for the Finns plus a promise of 250

American warplanes.


Boston Museum Exhibits Candid Animal Pictures

Americans Get Hot Under the Collar As British Keep Seizing U.S. Mail

LIFE on the Newsfronts of the World

Memphis Special Bears Marks of South's Worst Blizzard

German Bomber Sinks Unarmed Fishing Trawler in North Sea

Flag and Crepe Drape Borah's Funeral Train

Red Flag Unrolls Above Lewis at U.M.W. Meeting

Arizona Hunters Shoot 55 Buffalo

Cromwells Take Over U.S. Legation in Ottawa

John Roukema From Holland Is a Champion Skater

Frick and Frack from Switzerland Are Top U.S. Skating Comedians

Movies: "Swiss Family Robinson"

With His Atom–Busting Cyclotron, Lawrence of California Wins Nobel Prize

Illustrations For a New "Anna Karenina" Tell Story of Tolstoy's Tragic Heroine

Upping of Bosom Line Increases Brassiere Sales to $50,000,000

Oscar Levant, Musical Know–It–All, Writes Book About Music and Himself

Brackman's Quiet Nudes and Portraits Win Fame in Era of Noisy "Isms"

Photographic Essay: The Classics: At St. John's They Come Into Their Own

Lenin Lies For First Entombed Portrait

Mrs. Roosevelt

LIFE Goes to the Architects Ball in Chicago


Yardley's Powder

Kellogg's Rice Krispies

1940 Studebaker

Pacific Mills

Texaco Skychief Gasoline

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