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February 3, 1941 Life Magazine

Date: 2-3-1941 Life Magazine 

Condition: Very Good

Cover: Nazis Goebbels and Goering talk about propaganda.

Pictured on the left, Goebels sees that outsiders only see the

rosiest picture of life behind the German lines. Goering sees 

that outsiders learn little of R.A.F. raids on the Reich. 

Returning CBS journalist William Shirer reports on German life 

in his articles on page 66.


Pictures: War Inventions

Congressmen Haggle over Lease–Lend Bill as New British Ambassador Arrives in U. S.

LIFE on the Newsfronts of the World

California Students Burn "Jeanie With the Light Brown Hair"

10,000 Civilian Spotters Ward off Mock Air Invasion of U. S.

President Roosevelt Is Inaugurated for a Third Term

Modern Living: Colored Stockings

Science: Chemist Converts Vegetables into Coal and Petroleum

Art: A Catalog of Portrait Painters

Movies: South American Movie Stars Invade Hollywood

Photographic Essay: Man of God: the life of a Typical U. S. Parson

Army Wind Tunnel Nears Completion at Wright Field

Inside Wartime Germany, Part I, by William L. Shirer

LIFE Goes to a Farewell Party at Arkansas Tech


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