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December 31, 1971 Life Magazine

Date: 12-31-1971 Life Magazine

Condition: Very Good

Cover: The Year in Pictures 1971

Contents Page
India-Pakistan War, 1971, Bangladesh
Year in pictures 1971 2
Nineteen hundred and seventy-one
Nowadays, all that glitters is the gold 6
United States (Economic conditions)
In Laos, a costly test of a crucial policy 8
Vietnamese War, 1957-1975 (Campaigns and battles, Laos)
White House wedding 10
Tricia Nixon Cox; 1946-.
Youth (Religious life)
All set for the fourth act 41
Richard Milhous Nixon; 1913-1994
Welcome on the Great Wall, and another in the United Nations 42
United Nations (China), United States (Foreign relations, China)
Time to furl flags and head for home 46
Vietnamese War, 1957-1975 (American participation)
Sports world; 1971 50
Nikita Sergeevich Khrushchev; 1894-1971
Hot pants: a short but happy career 14
Clothing and dress
Medium where even the grass won't grow up 16
Television broadcasting
Movies 20
Motion pictures (Reviews)
Checking the literary scene from 35,000 books up 25
Best sellers
This was the year the kids cooled it 26
Attica 28
Prisons (New York (State))
Nostalgia 30
Musicals, revues, etc
Big fight 32
Mylai case: Rusty Calley, convicted of murder 34
Courts martial and courts of inquiry
Exercise in disruption and despair; Washington 36
Vietnamese War, 1957-1975 (Protest movements)
Northern Ireland (Politics and government)
Flock of first ladies, and maybe Ms. President 54
As Bess weighs in Frank says so long 56
Bess Myerson, Frank Sinatra; 1915-1998
2,500th birthday of Iran 58
Iran (Anniversaries)
Homosexuals in revolt 62
Preaching that God loves gays too 70
Looking for ourselves in the news of '71 74
Send-off for a pair of fantasies 84
Walt Disney World (Fla.)
Kennedys emerge for an opening 86
Kennedy family
Meanwhile, on the island of Skorpios 88
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (wife of American president John F. Kennedy and Greek-Argentine shipping executive Aristotle Socrates Onassis.); 1929-1994

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