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August 8, 1969 Life Magazine

Date: 8-8-1969 Life Magazine

Condition: Very Good

Cover: Footprints and American Flag Planted on the Moon by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin

Contents Page
Half-farewell to Asia 4
Richard Milhous Nixon; 1913-1994 (Visit to Asia and Romania, 1969), United States (Foreign relations, Asia)
Gallery 6
Niklas Deak's apocalypse
Just whose art is primitive? 8
Art, Primitive
When rock buffs go marchin' in 10
Music festivals (Rhode Island)
Edward Moore Kennedy; 1932- (Chappaquiddick incident, July 1969)
Journey round a new landscape 30
Richard Milhous Nixon; 1913-1994, United States (Foreign relations, Communist countries)
For Spain a royal restoration 33
Juan Carlos I (King of Spain); 1938-., SpainPolitics and government
Everybody lives at Watergate 40
Washington (D.C.) (Housing, Social life and customs)
GI's long last month in Vietnam 51
John CAMERON, United States (Armed Forces, Forces in Vietnam)
Edward Moore Kennedy; 1932- (Chappaquiddick incident, July 1969), Kennedy family
Men on the moon 18
Project Apollo (Apollo 11 flight), Moon (Photographs)

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