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August 8, 1938 Life Magazine

Date: 8-8-1938 Life Magazine

Condition: Very Good

Cover: Swimming Spots

Contents: Full page Studebaker ad featuring golfer Andrew Schlarb, softball player Stanley Klaybor, pilot Edison Shearer. A number of letters pertaining to tennis player Helen Jacobs and (separately) athlete Helen Wills Moody (see LIFE July 25, 1938) who apparently caused some sports-related uproar. National Guard Troops close down Iowa's Maytag Washing machine plant. Rather astounding series of photos of John Warde contemplating suicide by jumping off the Hotel Gotham, and finally doing it - no one managed to talk him out of it despite 11 hours spent on the ledge. Coolest photo of Tenth Sokol Congress of Gymnasts - a huge number of people perfectly arrayed in a field. Austrian refuges pour into Czechoslovakia. Swing, the hot new kind of jazz, Jitterbug, Shag, Lindy Hop, mostly about the musicians - photo essay. Sinclair Lewis acts in his own play. Government launches health plan for needy. China's communists harass Japan. Actor Sinclair Lewis. World's highest scientific weather laboratories on Jungfrau mountain, includes photo of skiers. US Workmen replace foreign peasants as fashion inspirations. Charles Sheeler, artist. Swimming Champions, girls team at National meet and Frenchman Paul Chotteau swims 70 miles. Nobody will race the World's best sculler, who is Joe Burk. Shooting sticks - a series of photos showing people sitting on them, a kind of one-legged stool. To a Manhattan beach with Joe Day. Very nice full page color Chesterfield cigarettes ad with lady pilot, or maybe passenger in two-cockpit plane. 

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