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August 3, 1942 Life Magazine

Date: 8-3-1942 Life Magazine

Condition: Very Good

Cover: General MacArthur's Son


Speaking of Pictures: New York's Washington Market at Night

The Battle of the Arctic Convoy

U. S. Submarine Photographs Sinking Jap Destroyer

U. S. Reckons Its Losses on Scoreboard of War

Famine and Death Ride into Greece at Heels of Nazi Conquest

Diplomats Drink, Dance and Intrigue in Still–Neutral Turkey

U. S. Imprisons Fascist Robert Noble

U. S. Hears Shostakovich's Seventh Symphony

Art: Renoir's Famous Model Gabrielle Now Lives in Hollywood

Movies: Color Portraits of Ten Hollywood Actresses

Army: Transport Planes

Photographic Essay: Global War Teaches Global Cartography

Little Arthur MacArthur Settles Down in Australia

Close–Up: James Petrillo, by Robert Coughlan

LIFE Goes on a Date Arranged by Statistics

Medicine: Aniseikonia Is Ailment in which Eyes See Distorted Images


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