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April 19, 1937 Life Magazine



Cover: Queen Mary

Contents: Full page LaSalle car ad with interesting and excellent art by Irwin Smith, white lines on black. Similar white on black art by Lay in half page Heisey glassware ad. Photos of Kovoor T. Behanan doing yoga, contortions. Admiral of the fleet Arthur Japy Hepburn and sailors, GOBs, shore leave at Long Beach. Sculptors' speed test, winner Clara Bratt, model Winifred Gould. Lead belly, the singer Huddie Ledbetter, negro in trouble. Elephant wedding - Major Craster marries Miss Macallum, they rode to church on an elephant, he was in charge of a detention camp for terrorists. Duke of Windsor's pension. Marked woman - movie. Normandie's new propeller allows her to break the speed record set by the Queen Mary. Whirlpools. Chinese airports. Russian polar bear hunt. Wedding of Dicky Dell Doheny - photos. Strikers in Hershey Pennsylvania. Queen Mary, the woman, lots of neat vintage photos and royal stories. GORGEOUS Chevrolet ad in color with yellow car and woman in gown. Pat Marquis - boy with x-ray eyes, he plays ping pong and pool while blindfolded. Mary Dunn of Bonne Terre, Missouri, very bright child, IQ 185. A new airport in China, built by hand, Chengchow in northern Honan Province. Collecting scrap metal for new war munitions, humorously enough, the US was sending much of it to Japan in 1937. Rather horrible story and photos about killing a polar bear. Scott Anderson of Boswell, Indiana and his string collection. The first Indian (Native American) stewardess, Northwest Air, Beth Pease. Basil and Ouida Rathbone - 11th wedding anniversary party (bride and groom costume party). Cute full page color Chesterfield cigarettes ad with woman on red scooter motorbike, male hiker.

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