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April 15, 1940 Life Magazine

Date: 4-15-1940 Life Magazine

Condition: very Good

Cover: Youth and Government is the subject of America's Youth 1940. 

Mabel Sealy, wearing a valentine heart on her sweater is one of 150 

youths at Camp Roosevelt, NYA resident project in Ocala, FL. Mabel 

is learning photographic techniques and is earning her expenses by 

processing government documents. Like most Camp Roosevelt youths, 

she is sure to get a job when she graduates.


Speaking of Pictures: Models for Famous Patents

Candidate Farley Goes on the Road

Women Scour Kansas City While Chicago Boss Plugs Third Term

Tom Dewey Proves Himself Great Vote–Getter in Wisconsin

LIFE on the Newsfronts of the World

Gasoline Tank Blows Up as Swollen Susquehanna Floods Wilkes–Barre

Pictures Show the Winning of the Battle of the River Plate

Russians Face Finns in Peace on New Frontiers

The Best Blood of France Graduates from St. Cyr

A Touchy Judge Finds the St. Louis "Post–Dispatch" in Contempt of Court

U.S. Army Tries Out Its Newest "How" and "AA" Gun

Theater: "Higher & Higher"

Some Scenes from the Economic War Front of Parisian Fashions

Old Eyelet Embroidery is New

Black Spot: Pacific Negroids of Solomon Islands Are Race Mystery

Kids Swarm to Olneyville Boys Club Pool

Government and Youth: House Votes $400,000,000 for Future U.S. Citizens

Narvik Ships Iron Ore to England and Germany

Close–Up: Dr. Rhine & Extra–Sensory Perception

The Strange Case of Murder Inc.

LIFE Goes to a Country Carnival

Art: Aristide Maillol's Nudes


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